Wednesday, January 28, 2009

worst case situation

When I'm about to make a significant decision, I always take into consideration the worst case possible, and thinks if the decision worth the danger. The decision to join Up With People was one of this significant decisions, because of the unignorable amounts of money and time it consumes which could easily be used for other purposes.

So then I asked myself - if UWP won't turn up to be all that I hoped it will be, will it still be worth it?
The worst situation for me was mostly this:
I won't be good enough to have a significant role in the show.
I won't be able to relate to other people with different life experience then mine and I will have no new friends.
The people there are dreamers, and I will reach no realistic goals there.
The cultural differences be boring vary quickly because of the variety I know from around me.
I will be out of my comfort zone, where I can share things with my friends and know they would understand me.
My laptop will get stolen/broken.
And some other fears.

But then I've noticed that even if all this fears will come true, I am still going to travel around the world for five months. I am still going to meet a lot of people from different cultures, and I still going to have five months experience of performances in dancing and singing. I am still going to experience in different volunteer works

I thought that would be good enough by itself, and something I would not achieve otherwise.

Have you ever thought about it? in order to be a dancer, you don't need to be good at dancing, you only need to dance. the same goes for singer, actor, painter, manager and so on. UWP does this for you, they make you a lot of this things, and after you done them, that's it - you've been preforming all around the world, you are a performer now.

so this is how I decided to join UWP in spite of my fears. which by the way, none of them came true!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good news! I quit Drugs!

Picture 6.png

My first step for UWP no Drugs Policy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've noticed a lot of similarities in both my UpWithPeople experience and the first time I got to the army and done a six month military computer course.
So I decided to try comparing the two:

Up with peopleArmy programming course
Extremely fun
Life changing experince
Meeting wonderful people
from all over the world
Meeting wonderful people
from all over the country
Learning to get along with each other
Intensive program
No sleep
Plenty of unfamiliar languages surrounds me:
and more...
Plenty of unfamiliar languages surrounds me:
and more...
Wearing name tags
Motivated to success by
people who believe in you
Motivated to success by
fear of getting thrown out
No drugs!
No sex!
No getting drunk!
Raising yourself higher then you thought you could ever reach
Learn about yourself
Makes a better person out of you Makes a better solider out of you