Friday, July 31, 2009

I moved a blog

Since my UpWithPeople trip is over, I won't write here anymore.
I might write on my experiences in Israel here:

If you are subscribed to this blog, It should automatically subscribe you to the new blog.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

video for the new cast

A video our cast made for the new one, which started few days ago.

Welcome cast b09 from Rafael Cardoso

I heard there are great people there, good-luck everyone!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Readers from around the world!

It's really great to see I have readers from different countries. Would any of you like to introduce himself?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

That's it for now

I'm back at home.

Once again I went to a family dinner.
Once again I can trust there to be toilet seats when I go to public restrooms, as well as toilet paper.
Once again I can trust my bed to always be there for me.
Once again I can spend a day resting without feeling bad for it.
Once again I went to my writing workshop.
Once again I can buy a ticket on the train knowing where my station is, and recognizing it by sight.
Once again I have a room waiting to be organized.
Once again I eat foods I've eaten for years and know what it will taste like.

I won't have to use english on a daily basis.
I won't get dozens of hugs every day.
I won't learn as much about different cultures.
I won't have a weekly schedule.
I won't have morning meetings, which before I never realized that I'm going to miss.
I won't be appreciated for the country I came from.
I won't meet new great people every week.
I won't participate in show productions, where I dance and sing for hundreds of people.
I won't be part of a group of 90 people whom I love without exceptions!

From now on I know I will have family wherever I go.
From now on I have someone to call to when I see an outraging international story in the news.
From now on a strange is a potential friend.
From now on I will demand appreciation for who I am.
From now on I will prove I deserve the appreciation I demand.
From now on I know I can make a difference.
From now on I will make a difference.

Everything is just the way I knew it, but nothing is the same.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

In the spirit of Up With People

I randomly found a cool site called everything2, which have plenty of guides and other fun articles. (and of course it made me check what everything have to offer, but I believe that everything2 is more fun)

I'm going to share one random article, hopefully an inspiring one, but definitely not a representing one because they are so different from each other:

To all the crazy ideological teenagers who still think that clear, free, rational thinking can save the world: thank you. Please keep it up. Seriously. It's important.

Me, I'm no longer a teenager, and I'm afraid my wide-eyed idealism has been clouded by more and more realism and cynicism, but I'm still plenty crazy, and I still hope that clear, free, rational thinking can save the world, too.

The cynics and the old farts and the curmudgeons may not talk as loudly or as long about their once-fond ideological passions, but they still think, and some part of them still cares, and they still listen, and they salute (or at least, I do) the less-jaded, more-energetic souls who are still shouting about the things that desperately need shouting about.

The people who matter are listening. You may not be able to tell, because they'll probably never visibly react, let alone actually respond, but they're listening. The people who aren't listening, don't matter: they're already dead, but haven't realized it yet.

We must believe that clear, free, rational thinking can save the world, because clear, free, rational thinking is all we have. The alternatives to clear, free, rational thinking are muddled, constrained, irrational thinking, and raw emotion, and blind, inchoate instinct, and abject, chaotic randomness, and I'm sorry, but if those are what we're left with, we might as well quit the game and go home. Any animal can run its life by instinct and emotion (and generally do a much better job with those tools than we do, thank you very much), so if we want to believe that this whole "higher intelligence" schtick is actually good for something, we'd better use it to its fullest potential, to "make the world a better place", not just to wallow around inventing new ways to advertise hygeine products or new ways to kill each other.

Keep the faith. Hold your head high. May the Force be with you...

so I recommend to check this site, except for the bit annoying links, it's really nice!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday the 13th

We had an activity for that day - to choose one of the tombs we saw when we worked in cleaning the cemetery, and right the story of the person who was buried there. I chose a tomb of a one year old who for some reason had a phone laid on his tomb. Here is my story:

Thomas and Lillie Lagos were ready to fall asleep after a long day at the office, and after having to take care of little Robert. Thomas' eyes closed heavily just before the phone started ringing. Lillie's part of their arrangement was to go whenever Roberts needs her, but it was Thomas's job to handle any other interruption during the night. He slid his feet into his slippers and went slowly to the phone which kept ringing. when he finally arrived and picked up the receiver the line was dead. Thomas left the phone, took a glass of water and headed back, as he was crawling back to the bed the ring of the phone made him spill all of his water. Determined to answer the phone this time, he ran as fast as he could, but once again, in the moment he picked out the phone the line was dead. Thomas waited for about 20 minutes for the mysterious caller to call once more, and when he didn't Thomas decided to go back to sleep and just ignore the interruptions. Only when Thomas got into the bed and closed his eyes, the phone rang again. The phone kept ringing and ringing until Lillie couldn't take it anymore and decided to handle it herself, she went out of her bed, the cold water on the floor freezing her barefoot legs, and went to the phone which kept ringing. When she picked up the receiver, all she could hear was a child's cry, she figured out it's a mistake phone call from the hospital, so she hung up the phone, and unplugged. A minute didn't pass by before the phone rang again, confused Lillie picked the receiver again, and the same child was talking to her: "mama, mama" he said "I love you mother". Lillie got pale as she knew who the call belonged to. She ran over to Roberts room which was disturbingly quite. She picked up little Robert in her arms and found him to be cold and lifeless. He fell on his bed from her shaking hands. The doctor determined Robert was suffocated to death in his sleep, and assured them there was nothing they could do about it. Today little robert is buried at st. Michels cemetery with the same phone. And it's believed that to this very day, on stormy nights you can still hear the phone ringing. And it's also believed that if you were to answer this phone at such night, you would hear the voice of the child who will never grow up.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a common mistake

I was using the UWP word a lot, and for some bizarre reason people thought that the P stands for Privacy, so I wanted to make sure you know that UWP stands for Up With People, the organization I'm traveling with right now.
So that's it, just wanted to clarify that. There is no Privacy in UWP.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I've learned in Miami

Always appreciate what you have and don't expect it to be better later - when I was in denver I didn't want the cold weather anymore because it made me sick, but here I always have to beware of sunburns, so each situation have is ups and downs.
Appreciate the small things you take for granted - The cast made join their excitement to have heat and moister, two things I also have in Israel and was never excited about before.
Do speak to strangers - It's amazing how easy it is to find new friends and exciting experiences when you speak with stranger in the street. Suggest help to them, ask them about themselves.
Take advantage of opportunities - actually, that's just a nicer way to say I ate deserted food from the tabel next to me :-)
which was cultural and exciting experience at least as much as any other I had.
Don't try to be good, don't try to win, just try to have fun (rock band lesson)
I learned how to remove the "Antivirus 360" virus, which is an interesting virus, because it recognize you googling it, or entering a removal sites.
We make a lot of trash, and it's not easy to reduce the amounts.
Take advantage of opportunities, you probably won't have them tomorrow.
Beach and rest can be a lot of fun!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Appreciation

Giving the appreciation book to someone new, was as exciting as receiving it!

It's just the first draft, but it is close enough:

Choosing a single person to appreciate, in a group of people which are constantly working to improve themselves and the society around them is not an easy task. I've already met so many people I can share my deepest thoughts with, people I can fully trust and that I love with all my heart. I choose to appreciate one of those persons who I feel is an inspiration for me. This person keep overcoming challenges on a daily basis, this person's comfort zone is far in my own panic zone and I believe we should all have some more of this person's courge. This person instantly makes a stranger into a friend, and a friend into a soul mate. This person's honesty and warm attitude makes it hard not to be the same with him. This person always keeps a positive spirit, and find the best in each situation and more importent - each person. This person does not let the language burier stand in his way while trying to approach the world with humor and laugher. This person is not afraid of hard work and will give help whenever an opportunity will rise. Taking on himself any requirement he gets without ever expressing a doubt. This person, chose to be with us here today, leaving not only his family and friends waiting for him at home, but also his girl friend, which is a huge challenge for anyone. And for the benefit of us all, this person Keeps The Beat for us during the entire show without having a rest even when his body hurts.
I choose to appreciate Ton`o for giving fully his soul to the group, in a way we should all learn from.
Thank you Ton`o, I am thrilled for the opportunity I got to know you! every day with you is an adventure!
deeply care - Ido

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm so excited!

look what i got:

What is appreciation? Why is it importent? Appreciation is defined as a recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of a person. I think it is importent for us to tell others we appreciate them, because every day each of us does things outside of ourselves, things of quality, value, significance, and magnitude. we do things unselfishly for others. We do things that are difficult or challenging simply because they have purpose. We do these things without asking for recognition, but the person I appreciate deserves to be recognized. I believe it takes incredible courage to leave your home and travel to the other side of the world, to a foreign culture, and live each day fully while holding true to your values. i believe it takes courage to stand in front of a group of people you just met, and share deeply personal things about yourself. I appreciate this person for these reasons. I appreciate this person for his intelligence and curiosity, This person is constantly observing and asking questions, trying to understand what exactly we are all doing here. This is not easy question to answer. This person's daily effort to answer this difficult question is admirable, something we can all learn from. I believe it takes incredible energy to wear a smile daily and push yourself to be the best you, in an environment completely different from home. The person I appreciate is always willing to say yes to new ideas, and always offers a helping hand when he sees the need. And does this with joy. Mast noticeably, The person I appreciate is always good for a free hug. I appreciate you Ido, for setting an example far all of us to give fully of ourselves every day. I appreciate you for supporting me, being a teacher to me, and for being a friend.
Thank you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leaving Denver!

What I learned in Denver and I would like to use when I'm back at home:
When eating a banana it's easier to cut it in the middle, and that way you can also share.
It's nice to have a house full of pictures, and it can be other people you know, not just family.
It's nice to appreciate the small efforts of others, but it's even better to compliment them for it. (thanks for making breakfast for example)
It's nice to care for your surrounding people, ask the seller how was her day for example, but really have an interest.
Hang a sign for Free Hugs over yourself.
I should try frying toast on butter.
The Princes and the Dragon Danish game, and the mexican daw game.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am sick today :(

Usually, when I got sick, I always saw the positive side of it, things like staying at home, having a rest, getting attention. those things helped me to overcome the pain that comes with the disease.
But right now, I just want to get well as soon as I can, because every moment I am sick, I miss up great experiences...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

worst case situation

When I'm about to make a significant decision, I always take into consideration the worst case possible, and thinks if the decision worth the danger. The decision to join Up With People was one of this significant decisions, because of the unignorable amounts of money and time it consumes which could easily be used for other purposes.

So then I asked myself - if UWP won't turn up to be all that I hoped it will be, will it still be worth it?
The worst situation for me was mostly this:
I won't be good enough to have a significant role in the show.
I won't be able to relate to other people with different life experience then mine and I will have no new friends.
The people there are dreamers, and I will reach no realistic goals there.
The cultural differences be boring vary quickly because of the variety I know from around me.
I will be out of my comfort zone, where I can share things with my friends and know they would understand me.
My laptop will get stolen/broken.
And some other fears.

But then I've noticed that even if all this fears will come true, I am still going to travel around the world for five months. I am still going to meet a lot of people from different cultures, and I still going to have five months experience of performances in dancing and singing. I am still going to experience in different volunteer works

I thought that would be good enough by itself, and something I would not achieve otherwise.

Have you ever thought about it? in order to be a dancer, you don't need to be good at dancing, you only need to dance. the same goes for singer, actor, painter, manager and so on. UWP does this for you, they make you a lot of this things, and after you done them, that's it - you've been preforming all around the world, you are a performer now.

so this is how I decided to join UWP in spite of my fears. which by the way, none of them came true!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good news! I quit Drugs!

Picture 6.png

My first step for UWP no Drugs Policy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've noticed a lot of similarities in both my UpWithPeople experience and the first time I got to the army and done a six month military computer course.
So I decided to try comparing the two:

Up with peopleArmy programming course
Extremely fun
Life changing experince
Meeting wonderful people
from all over the world
Meeting wonderful people
from all over the country
Learning to get along with each other
Intensive program
No sleep
Plenty of unfamiliar languages surrounds me:
and more...
Plenty of unfamiliar languages surrounds me:
and more...
Wearing name tags
Motivated to success by
people who believe in you
Motivated to success by
fear of getting thrown out
No drugs!
No sex!
No getting drunk!
Raising yourself higher then you thought you could ever reach
Learn about yourself
Makes a better person out of you Makes a better solider out of you