Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I've learned in Miami

Always appreciate what you have and don't expect it to be better later - when I was in denver I didn't want the cold weather anymore because it made me sick, but here I always have to beware of sunburns, so each situation have is ups and downs.
Appreciate the small things you take for granted - The cast made join their excitement to have heat and moister, two things I also have in Israel and was never excited about before.
Do speak to strangers - It's amazing how easy it is to find new friends and exciting experiences when you speak with stranger in the street. Suggest help to them, ask them about themselves.
Take advantage of opportunities - actually, that's just a nicer way to say I ate deserted food from the tabel next to me :-)
which was cultural and exciting experience at least as much as any other I had.
Don't try to be good, don't try to win, just try to have fun (rock band lesson)
I learned how to remove the "Antivirus 360" virus, which is an interesting virus, because it recognize you googling it, or entering a removal sites.
We make a lot of trash, and it's not easy to reduce the amounts.
Take advantage of opportunities, you probably won't have them tomorrow.
Beach and rest can be a lot of fun!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Appreciation

Giving the appreciation book to someone new, was as exciting as receiving it!

It's just the first draft, but it is close enough:

Choosing a single person to appreciate, in a group of people which are constantly working to improve themselves and the society around them is not an easy task. I've already met so many people I can share my deepest thoughts with, people I can fully trust and that I love with all my heart. I choose to appreciate one of those persons who I feel is an inspiration for me. This person keep overcoming challenges on a daily basis, this person's comfort zone is far in my own panic zone and I believe we should all have some more of this person's courge. This person instantly makes a stranger into a friend, and a friend into a soul mate. This person's honesty and warm attitude makes it hard not to be the same with him. This person always keeps a positive spirit, and find the best in each situation and more importent - each person. This person does not let the language burier stand in his way while trying to approach the world with humor and laugher. This person is not afraid of hard work and will give help whenever an opportunity will rise. Taking on himself any requirement he gets without ever expressing a doubt. This person, chose to be with us here today, leaving not only his family and friends waiting for him at home, but also his girl friend, which is a huge challenge for anyone. And for the benefit of us all, this person Keeps The Beat for us during the entire show without having a rest even when his body hurts.
I choose to appreciate Ton`o for giving fully his soul to the group, in a way we should all learn from.
Thank you Ton`o, I am thrilled for the opportunity I got to know you! every day with you is an adventure!
deeply care - Ido

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm so excited!

look what i got:

What is appreciation? Why is it importent? Appreciation is defined as a recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of a person. I think it is importent for us to tell others we appreciate them, because every day each of us does things outside of ourselves, things of quality, value, significance, and magnitude. we do things unselfishly for others. We do things that are difficult or challenging simply because they have purpose. We do these things without asking for recognition, but the person I appreciate deserves to be recognized. I believe it takes incredible courage to leave your home and travel to the other side of the world, to a foreign culture, and live each day fully while holding true to your values. i believe it takes courage to stand in front of a group of people you just met, and share deeply personal things about yourself. I appreciate this person for these reasons. I appreciate this person for his intelligence and curiosity, This person is constantly observing and asking questions, trying to understand what exactly we are all doing here. This is not easy question to answer. This person's daily effort to answer this difficult question is admirable, something we can all learn from. I believe it takes incredible energy to wear a smile daily and push yourself to be the best you, in an environment completely different from home. The person I appreciate is always willing to say yes to new ideas, and always offers a helping hand when he sees the need. And does this with joy. Mast noticeably, The person I appreciate is always good for a free hug. I appreciate you Ido, for setting an example far all of us to give fully of ourselves every day. I appreciate you for supporting me, being a teacher to me, and for being a friend.
Thank you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leaving Denver!

What I learned in Denver and I would like to use when I'm back at home:
When eating a banana it's easier to cut it in the middle, and that way you can also share.
It's nice to have a house full of pictures, and it can be other people you know, not just family.
It's nice to appreciate the small efforts of others, but it's even better to compliment them for it. (thanks for making breakfast for example)
It's nice to care for your surrounding people, ask the seller how was her day for example, but really have an interest.
Hang a sign for Free Hugs over yourself.
I should try frying toast on butter.
The Princes and the Dragon Danish game, and the mexican daw game.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am sick today :(

Usually, when I got sick, I always saw the positive side of it, things like staying at home, having a rest, getting attention. those things helped me to overcome the pain that comes with the disease.
But right now, I just want to get well as soon as I can, because every moment I am sick, I miss up great experiences...