Sunday, July 5, 2009

That's it for now

I'm back at home.

Once again I went to a family dinner.
Once again I can trust there to be toilet seats when I go to public restrooms, as well as toilet paper.
Once again I can trust my bed to always be there for me.
Once again I can spend a day resting without feeling bad for it.
Once again I went to my writing workshop.
Once again I can buy a ticket on the train knowing where my station is, and recognizing it by sight.
Once again I have a room waiting to be organized.
Once again I eat foods I've eaten for years and know what it will taste like.

I won't have to use english on a daily basis.
I won't get dozens of hugs every day.
I won't learn as much about different cultures.
I won't have a weekly schedule.
I won't have morning meetings, which before I never realized that I'm going to miss.
I won't be appreciated for the country I came from.
I won't meet new great people every week.
I won't participate in show productions, where I dance and sing for hundreds of people.
I won't be part of a group of 90 people whom I love without exceptions!

From now on I know I will have family wherever I go.
From now on I have someone to call to when I see an outraging international story in the news.
From now on a strange is a potential friend.
From now on I will demand appreciation for who I am.
From now on I will prove I deserve the appreciation I demand.
From now on I know I can make a difference.
From now on I will make a difference.

Everything is just the way I knew it, but nothing is the same.

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